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Find your plot of land in Thailand.

In Thailand land size units are Rai, Ngan and Tarang Wah.
1 Rai = 1600 m2 = 17,222 ft2, 1 Ngan = 400 m2 = 4,306 ft2 and 1 Tarang Wah = 4 m2 = 43 ft2.

A plot of land for example with size 1 -12 - 60 (Rai) is:
1 Rai (1,600 m2) + 3 Ngan (1,200 m2) + 60 Tarang Wah (120 m2) = 2,920 m2.

Google will show you throughout the internet many websites that have land for sale here. A good alternative is to have a look at the websites from Thai banks. Many of them offer plots of land through Thailand at in many cases far below market prices.

Try this from Kasikornbank, it's in English and comes compete with maps, coordinates and pictures. More banks, such as Bangkok Bank, offer land online, however as far as we know all in Thai Language.

Another possibility is this website, not from a bank but with a huge selection.
ThailannaHome is in no way affiliated with above two websites to which we link and we can not guarantee the accuracy of their content.
Of course we can assist you in your search for a plot of land to place your new ThaiLanna Home house.

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